Welcome to the Total Drama GMOD WikiEdit

This is about my new fan fiction series based of Total Drama Island, called Total Drama GMOD. 30 contestants compete

in challe
Gm bigcity0000
nges that will knock your socks off, like an all out BB gun war, creating a clone, and a 24 hour run around Flatgrass!

I'll need help to make this because how can one make a show with only one guy? I will need all the help i need!

I also need some voice actors because I can't do the voices myself, but i'll do some characters.

And if anyone has some good ideas for episodes and challenges, please submit them at my email

ELIMINATION RULES: If a team is placed last in a challenge they will have to take the Elimination Ceremmony. The people who are safe will recive a rubber ducky. The one who doesn't get one will get removed from the competetion and sent to a stranded remote island until they come back to compete.

Prepare yourselves for Total...Drama...GMOD!!