Max is a contestant in Total Drama GMOD and the other half of the Freelance Police along with Sam. He is on the Bloody Hawks Team.


According to his bio in the XBLA version of Sam and Max Save the World and Beyond Time and Space, Max is a three foot tall hyper kinetic rabbity-thing(which to mean "Lagomorph."). In The Devil's Playhouse, he used to gain psychic powers unlocked by The Toys of Power. The weapon Max carries is a gun he calls,"The Lugermorph." which is a replica of the Luger P38 the Germans used in World War II. In Abe Lincoln Must Die!, Sam helped him beat the reanimated statue of the fifteenth president, Abraham Lincoln, in an emergency election to become president for the rest of Season 1, 2, and 3.

Max was eliminated in Episode N/A.